Cheap online shopping sites in the US

The advent of the internet came with multiple advantages, making it convenient and easy to shop online. Before the internet, if we needed to go out to shop, we had to visit places such as shopping malls and supermarkets, which had the disadvantage of not having the items we are looking for at times. Shopping online has, over the years, become popular, and with so many available online shops, there’s no limit on the online shops to choose from. The real challenge comes in identifying affordable online stores. One such affordable e-commerce shop you can try out is Annie Cloth. Below are other cheap online shopping sites you can try out in the US.

Characteristics of good shopping sites

The site’s security

One of the most important aspects to consider when accessing an online shopping site is your computer’s security. It is hard for fraudsters to steal from a secured PC. Avoid any shopping site that doesn’t guarantee your personal information safety. A great precaution against such sites is to ensure that your PC has an active and running antivirus.

Shipping rates

The amount that an online shop charges for shipping items is an essential factor that you must consider. All the things you are willing to buy are probably affordable, but the shipping rates become incredibly high. Avoid sites that overcharge on shipping. In fact, it is best to go for sites that provide free shipping. Typically, such shops have certain commodities which they will ship for free, aim for such. Another critical factor when it comes to shipping is whether or not you can track an item. Go for an online store that has a reputable tracking record.

Network Privacy

You should always ensure that the site you shop at uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption. Basically, you will know a site uses this by the presence of a small padlock at the top right of your browser. SSL helps ensure your privacy; thus, you aren’t prone to fraudsters. Shopping on an online store that doesn’t have this padlock will be browsing at your own risk. The most satisfying thing while shopping online is knowing that you are shopping on a site that cares for your privacy and safety. Thus always shop from a site that uses SSL.

A site records

Knowing the performance of a site previously and its popularity will help you know whether it is reputable. Some sites go ahead and put some extra tools to ensure you are safe while shopping on them. Others don’t incorporate any particular tool. Ensure that you have such basics at your fingertips before deciding to shop on a specific site. Ensure you know if the site has had any scam or fraud records. Certifications that the site has are also important considerations.

Cheapest online shopping sites in the US


This is a renowned online store specializing in sportswear. They not only offer affordable products but the products are also durable. Usually, intense workouts can be incredibly uncomfortable if the pair of leggings you have tears on every move that you take. Having the best sports ware is imperative as the more comfortable you get, the easier it becomes to concentrate on your exercises. Athleta offers quality pieces while also ensuring you don’t break your bank.


Launched in 2005, Boohoo is an online brand that offers women’s and men’s clothing. This online clothing store also offers beauty products and accessories. Some of the products you can get at Boohoo include jeans, dresses, skirts, lingerie, leggings, swimwear, and many others.

The benefits of shopping at Boohoo include:

  • It offers a diverse mode of payment, including PayPal, debit cards, and credit cards.
  • It offers clients a return period of 28 days after the day of purchase of an item. Goods returned in their original form are refunded immediately.
  • It has affordable rates. Items start at $20; Occasionally, Boohoo offers promotions where a client can even get some clothes for free.
  • It has a shopping app both on Android and iOS app
  • Boohoo’s leading site is compatible with a majority of devices.
  • Has a client’s services that respond quickly and can be reached through email, post, and telephone.


Headquartered in London, UK, and with distribution centers in Europe and the US, Asos is famous for offering adaptability. It provides clothing both for women and men and also has a plus size and maternity section. The website also has a category to guide on size, ensuring that the products you buy from them will be perfectly fitting. The disadvantage that you may find at ASOS is that they don’t offer pay on delivery.

In conclusion, with this article, the reader has a guide on locating a genuine online shop to shop clothes from. It also discusses some examples of affordable clothing shops that the reader can shop from.